My Annual Easter Post: The Salvation of the Cross

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Several years ago, one of our church members recited a poem during service that struck me to the core.  The poet, Mark Meadows, wrote and recited this poem with his own church on the day he accepted Christ as his savior.  I listened to the words amazed at their simplicity and beauty and knew I wanted to share it here. Mark Meadows kindly gave me permission to share his poem on this blog.  Mark, also, indicated that he doesn’t mind if people share it, so feel free to pass this along to others.

It has become an Easter tradition to share it each year. I hope it blesses you.


All of Me

Oh Lord, here alone I stand
Reaching out to touch your nail scarred hand
I take myself back to the time that you were on that tree
Thinking, Lord, of the love and the blood you shed for me
All alone the cross you did carry
The men, they laughed, drank, and were merry
They didn’t understand, oh Lord, the reason you were here
Only few stood by with their eyes full of fear

They pressed hard that twisted, thorn-filled crown
You knelt there Lord and didn’t utter a single sound
They took your hands, oh Lord, and nailed them to the beam
They took your hands, oh Lord, and split them at the seam
With right over left, bent slightly at the knee
They nailed your feet to that heavy, carved out tree
“Some Christ he is,” a man in the crowd was saying
As you hung there Lord, head bowed, you never stopped praying

You said to Mary, before all things could be done
Looking at John, you said “Woman behold thy son”
Your face grew pale and your mouth grew dry
“Just some water, and then I shall die…”
They gave you vinegar, Lord, instead you might drink
It was just about over, your body began to sink
It was black as night, there shone no sun
When you cried to the heavens, “It’s finished – Thy will be done!”

You did it for me, Lord, so that I might live
I owe you my life, Lord, which I gladly give
All you ask of me, Lord, is that I follow close to Thee
No less can I give when I think to the time you suffered on the tree.

Mark Meadows, 1979

at the Saline, Michigan Church of Christ


The Blessing of Peace

© Barbara V. Evers, All rights reserved.

I’ve been fairly quiet about what’s been happening in our lives lately. Mainly, it’s been a bit overwhelming, and I haven’t been prepared to share. I feel the same way today. I put my heart and soul in these posts, and sometimes it takes distance to be able to properly say what’s on my heart.

A lot is on my heart.

A lot has happened.

Today I have the windows open, and I’m enjoying the spring weather. We’re having cold mornings, temps in the 30s, but by noon, it’s in the 70s. I think I could live year round in a place that stayed in the 70s. I wonder where that is?

A peace has settled over me today. I don’t know if it will last, but I would love for a few days of this calm.

Lord, you establish peace for us; all that we have accomplished
you have done for us. Isaiah 26:12

Raising grandchildren rarely offers calm, peaceful days. Most days consist of rushing to get them to school, rushing to get work done, rushing to handle homework or after school activities or doctor’s appointments. We’ve had a higher number of appointment days than usual over the past two months. Nothing alarming, just finding out things we need to know.

I wish I could say the medical appointments have been the only hurdle as of late, but they are just another aspect of our life.

Maybe next week, I’ll feel like talking about it, but for now, I’m going to take the calm and let it wash over me.


When the Enemy Attacks

© Barbara V. Evers

Over the past few weeks, I’ve felt overwhelmed. Events have tumbled over me in a torrent of troubles and issues related to raising my grandchildren. I’m not ready to talk about those things just yet, but I found myself thinking back to a blog post I wrote eight years ago. In this post, I looked at a personal situation where I, and several Christian sisters, came under attack. It was sneaky. It was unexpected, but it was typical of the enemy. That’s his preferred weapon:  stealth.

Today, because I keep thinking about that post, I thought I’d share it here.


When warriors gather the enemy becomes anxious and plots a counter-strike.  The strategy might be to beat them to the punch, infiltrate the troops, or even attack while they sleep.  I experienced this first-hand at the Christian Communicators Conference this past weekend, a gathering designed to equip women to provide encouragement to others through the gifts of speaking and writing.

On the second night, our facilitators, Vonda Skelton and Carolyn Knefely , danced off to bed in excited triumph.  The day’s sessions proved that the women assembled in this lovely lakeside home held the power of the Spirit in their hearts and could truly minister to other women.

Then the enemy struck.

He chose to sneak into our camp at night and destroy with doubt and fear.

I struggled with my own shortcomings, uncomfortable with my abilities when measured against the phenomenal women gathered in this house.  In no way did I believe I could stand up and share my love of the Lord with the same knowledge and passion that they demonstrated.

But wait, I wasn’t alone.

The next morning, Vonda called us together to begin the next session, and the truth began to flow.  One after another, we heard of the late night battles fought by these holy warriors and the brink of defeat that Satan drew each of us toward.  Story after story tumbled from our mouths.

“I can’t do this.”

“Who am I to think that I can lead others in their love of the Lord?”

“My life doesn’t reflect Him well enough to stand before others and proclaim Him.”

The Spirit moved in that beautiful sun-drenched living room that morning and we shared, confessed, laughed, and cried.   The truth is that Satan saw the strength behind our testimonies and conviction and fought back in the way he does best, with stealth attacking each of us one at a time.

The victory is not Satan’s though.  The Holy Spirit prompted us to speak of our fears the next morning.  Imagine our amazement when the truth revealed itself in our simple sharing.  We are the army of the Lord, and when we put on the holy armor of God, we can do anything!

To God be the glory, great things he has done!



Today, I head to North Carolina to run a women’s retreat for my home church. It’s been a tough road getting there, but I’m excited about what we have planned for them. Why else would my life be so chaotic right now? We must be doing something right.

Your prayers are appreciated.