Barbara V. Evers


Barbara Evers 2 FINALrt2 - CopyIt doesn’t take long for people who meet Barbara Evers to recognize her talents in written and verbal communication.  Tapping into this strength, Barbara has found success in many facets of her life. Her mission, now, is to help others do the same professionally and personally.

Barbara received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Zoology and a Master of Arts in Professional Communication from Clemson University.  She is a graduate of Christian Communicators and Advanced Christian Communicators. In addition, she holds several certifications including the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and Coaching Using Multiple Models.

A simple request for volunteers to step forward and share their story with a Bible class led Barbara to dig down deep and find the courage to share her personal story with women who didn’t know the struggles she had overcome.  In prayer, she argued the issue with God, but eventually she realized that her experiences revealed hope and grace when all seems dark.  Barbara found freedom in revealing the difficult elements of her own past and joy in sharing how it led her to a stronger faith.

As a speaker, Barbara inspires, motivates, and encourages her audiences to stretch their potential and reach for the pinnacle of their success.  She shares stories from her own life in an engaging manner, drawing on experiences that touch her audience with humor and inspiration.

Barbara’s Speaking One Sheet

Barbara has over tweDSC_2019 - Copynty-five years’ experience in public speaking, training and coaching with an emphasis in Personal and Career Development.  With a broad list of clients in the corporate, non-profit, and government arenas, she excels in teaching participants the skills and techniques that will advance their careers and enrich their lives. She draws from her diverse background to create meaningful and lively experiences for her audiences while encouraging participation and self-discovery.

Barbara lives in Greer, SC with her husband, two grandchildren, and a rescue dog, Roxy.  She is a published writer and the recipient of several writing awards, including a Pushcart Prize nomination. Barbara writes for several blogs and is an active member of Christian Communicators, South Carolina Writers Association, HubCity Writers, and The Association for Psychological Type International.

Watch a short video from one of Barbara’s presentations.

For more information about inviting Barbara to speak, check out the Contact page.


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3 thoughts on “Barbara V. Evers

  1. My mother, born in 1919, told us as children that she was a student when they voted on which song would be the national anthem – Star Spangled Banner or America the Beautiful. She was in school in Chicago. So that is some confirmation at least of your friend’s story.

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