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This week has been really busy for us since our daughter got married on Friday. Lots of fun and excitement and not much time for blog posting. For that reason, I’m going to let my writing blog (An Eclectic Muse) do double duty:

I’m running a contest this week, deadline midnight (EST) Monday, April 10.  Each entrant will receive a copy of 10 Grammar Rules Every Writer Should Know.

One lucky winner will receive:

  • Writer’s Editing and Critiquing Tips pdf
  • 25% discount off of a proofreading or edit of your manuscript OR 50 pages edited for free
  • A copy of the Fall/Winter 2016 moonShine review

Odds of winning are very high right now! Check out the post for entry details. Please enter and share this post!

Rejoice In Each Day!

Today is the day the Lord has made; rejoice, and be glad in it! Psalm 118:24

Today started out rainy with thunder and lightning. By 8:30 am, blue sky conquered the clouds and winds ushered out the remaining ones. I’ve had a lot on my agenda today, but the day has not overwhelmed me. I went to deep water aerobics after a two week absence. She worked us hard, but it felt great to be back.Thank goodness the thunder and lightning cleared before then!

Then, I returned home and sorted laundry. Woohoo! Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? I managed to get one load done before I left the house mid-morning. I had an appointment and needed to drop our car off at the shop-it started clacking during acceleration and sounds awful. I dropped it off and managed to cross the busy road to my appointment without major mishap. Seriously, this is a challenge that makes my heart pound a bit harder each time. 

After my appointment, I checked on the car, and the horrible noise was an issue under warranty! The car has close to 250,000 miles on it, so I’m amazed when the word “warranty” comes out of the mechanic’s mouth. Still, I had to wait a few more hours, so I caught a ride to a lunch place, ate a leisurely lunch, then decided to walk back to the car shop. Now for some of you, that’s no big deal, but it’s a bit of a trek along the same very busy road. And, if you haven’t heard, South Carolina ranks third in the nation for pedestrian deaths. To walk and cross the myriad of street intersections can mean disaster.

BUT I couldn’t resist. Why? It’s such a gorgeous day, and there was no hurry.

Spring is here, and most Fridays represent chaotic running around to finish my errands before the weekend. I have that list, but not the requisite car to fulfill it. I could stress. I could worry, or I can do as I’ve done and rejoice in the glorious day God has given me.

I chose rejoicing. How about you?

An Unlikely View…a Different Review

A wonderful perspective on a beautiful story.

Sarah Cinnamon

untitledAs I sit here this evening – I am overwhelmed with words and emotion and yet unsure how to express either. Days ago, I walked into a movie theater to view a movie I had been excited about since I had first heard it was in the works. Beauty and the Beast. I was 15 years old when the animated version came out. I remember watching it with my sister when she was home on break from college. I remember at the time feeling so moved by such a beautiful movie. The story hit me personally somehow; the music moved me; the characters impacted me. I remember even then thinking – how can this beautifully crafted cartoon have such an affect on me? So to say that I was both excited and nervous about the live action version is a bit understated. Excited to revisit a favorite in a new…

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