Forced To Be Still

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I’m sitting in a local coffee shop while writing this on my iPad. Not an ideal choice, but…

Why, you might ask, am I not on my trusty laptop sitting in my comfortable office?

Welllll. I was relieved to arrive early for an appointment this morning only to find out that I was not ten minutes early. I was actually an hour and ten minutes early!

Ouch! I have so much on my To Do list for today, and I didn’t bring my laptop when I left the house. I planned to head straight home after my appointment and jump on that list. Ugh! I hate typing on my iPad. It believes itself to be superior to my word choices, so I have to keep a close eye on it. Still, I’ll try to make the best of things and use this time well.

People who knew me before my new life of grand-parenting know I’m not forgetful. I’m usually on top of things, but lately my skills in that area have crumbled. Why? As much as I hate to admit it, as we get older, we lose some of that sharp edge. We can’t multitask as well as we did twenty or thirty years ago. Add the rush and chaotic pace that goes hand-in-hand with raising children, and slip-ups are bound to happen. I wish I could say this was the only one this week, but I’d be lying.

Earlier in the week, I promised Victoria we’d order pizza and wings from a place we don’t frequent. She recalls the restaurant fondly from her past life with her mother before things went awry. The best day to do this slipped by. I ran out of time. I told her, tomorrow. That day almost slipped by, too, but I remembered at the last moment, got online, and placed my order. As I drove to pick up the kids, my husband called to say he was headed home. I asked him to pick up the food.

The problem? The location closest to us didn’t have our order. I pulled up my email confirmation and gave him the phone number and address. The website, it seems, selected the “closest” store to us. It wasn’t. We live three miles from the closest. It chose one eight miles away. Getting to that location, due to rush hour, would take an hour.

Before you ask, yes, I did look at the address, but I misread it. They both are close to the same highway. I glanced at the map in a hurry to place the order and go pick up the kids. It LOOKED right. Of course, it wasn’t.

There’s a reason God instructs us to be still. We all need a rest. We all need to recollect and let the pressures of the day fall away. This goes doubly true for grandparents raising grandchildren.

My failure to double-check makes sense to me. The internet indicated I was three miles from the location where it chose to send the order. I didn’t spend but a few seconds verifying it because the distance and address displayed information I expected. Plus, I needed to pick up the children and had worked later than I liked to do on a school day. (After all, the children would have homework that needs to be done, too.)

Our mistakes are reminders to slow down. I’m trying, but right now everyone wants a piece of me. So, for the next few minutes, I’m going to accept this gift of unscheduled time and sip on my chai.

God bless.


4 thoughts on “Forced To Be Still

  1. I’m so glad you are getting to steal a moment! I so relate to this … I have discovered a calendar for my phone and could not make it without it. Sad really … but our brains and bodies aren’t what they were in our 30’s, or 40’s are they?! I’ve been worried about you and yours b/c of the hurricane. So thankful to hear from you

    • It was a brief moment, but I took it. We were not affected by the hurricane, so we dodged a bullet there. If it had followed its original path through the upstate, it would have been different. We live on high ground, so the nearby creek would have to rise 20 feet or more to get to us. But flooding is only one of the concerns in that kind of weather. Thank you so much for thinking about us at this time!

  2. Honestly, I truly don’t believe this has much to do with age, but more to do with the busy-ness of our lives. No matter my age, when I have TOO MUCH going on in life, which seems to be the case more often than not these last few years, THAT is when I make what “seem” to be silly mistakes. I have come to realize that our brains can only hold so much. I find it tends to hold onto the more important aspects of what I need to do in life, and lets the lesser important items fall to the background. When I have moments of calm I find I can remember most anything. So,…I have learned to laugh at myself when I make the “silly” mistakes, such as the other day when I thought I was taking a short cut. haha Instead it became “the scenic route”. A euphemism my girls would understand only too well, unfortunately, and roll their eyes. You are doing fine.

    • Yes, I’m doing fine. There’s no other option, is there? The busy-ness of this aspect of life is part of my point, though. Unfortunately, I don’t handle the as many irons in the fire as well as I did twenty years ago. So, in my case, anyway, age is part of the equation.

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