How the Media Spun the Aftermath of Harvey

© Barbara V. Evers

The news media leaped at the chance to spin the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey to further their agenda on hatred.

Yes, their agenda.

I was shocked to hear what one commentator said as they showed picture after picture of rescue efforts. Every single picture showed people of different races coming together to help each other out. The media’s take on this? Texans have overcome hatred in the wake of Harvey.

Seriously? They’ve overcome hatred. We know this for a fact? How many of the people depicted in these pictures professed hatred towards another race or doctrine prior to the hurricane? Did the media ask them, “Hi, I notice you are white and he is black. Did you hate each other before?”

Of course not.

I’m very troubled by the idea that if different races help each other it must mean they have overcome the hatred rampant in our country. But what else could the media say? After all, they have been telling us for months that racism is alive and on the rise in the USA.

Before you jump all over that statement, I acknowledge that racism does exist, but I don’t believe it is as prevalent as the media wants us to believe.

The media shines the spotlight on those who hate. People see it on TV. The next thing you know, a story flies all over Facebook. This does not mean that racism is on the rise. It means the media is locating it and shining a spotlight on it. They have the power to come into our homes and tell us what’s going on.  They have chosen to seek out and find hatred.

But is it a problem of the magnitude they’ve claimed?

I can imagine the discussion around the newsroom as they collected news stories about the hurricane’s aftermath.

“Look at these people helping each other. It looks like they get along.”

“That can’t be right. That’s a black man helping an old white woman.”

“We can’t have that. We need to fix this.”

“What can we do? I don’t think these people are racists.”

“But we can imply they were and have now turned over a new leaf thanks to Hurricane Harvey.”

Whether this exact discussion occurred or not, the media couldn’t state that racism isn’t prevalent in Texas. They’ve spent months telling us we hate each other. And Texas is part of the South where we know children are weaned on racism and hatred. Except they’re not.

This is stereotyping:

If I’m white (which I am) then I must hate anyone not like me (which I don’t).

This kind of thinking shows a lack of critical thinking. Most news outlets are counting on you to not apply your own intelligence, to not use your critical thinking skills, and to believe every little thing they tell you.

In today’s world, we see a lot of this. Democrats  are lumped in one big box because everyone knows they are all alike in their beliefs aren’t they? We do the same with Republicans. With Christians. With Muslims. With Men. With Women. With Different Races.

This IS stereotyping, except the news media calls it racial profiling and only uses it in relation to race and religion, and even then only with specific races or beliefs.

If you don’t believe the media wants to stir up trouble, just look at the events following the killing of nine black members of a church in Charleston, SC, all shot by a white man who professed a hatred for black people. The media reported that rioting occurred in Charleston over this.

But it didn’t.

They had to retract their statements.

Why did they report rioting where no rioting occurred?

Hello? It’s Charleston, SC, the cradle of the old South. Surely, here more than anywhere else, the tensions between black and white would be evident. Yet it wasn’t. People came together and showed the world that Charleston, SC is not a city of hatred.

I believe the areas hit by Hurricane Harvey are demonstrating the same thing: they are not a community of hatred. I wonder how many of the people pictured on the news realize what the media is implying about them. How many realize they are being depicted as someone who hated and overcame hatred?

For some reason, the media wants us to believe this. There’s nothing like job security and pushing your own agenda on the American people to keep us all stirred up.

The question is are we going to let them do this to us?

I hope not. I’m raising two biracial grandchildren. When they were born, I was glad they lived in a time when we saw people as people. No one has ever made a negative comment about my grandchildren’s heritage within my hearing. I’ve never suffered a negative look from people over their race. I live in the South, yet no one thinks twice about the color of my grandchildren’s skin.

But, now I’m worried.

The news can stir up an issue that doesn’t exist and turn it into one…if we let them. It’s been done before. Adolf Hitler anyone?

It’s all based on what they choose to report.

Please, let’s not allow this.


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