The Problems and Challenges of Preaching in a Politicized Environment

Sometimes, God knows what we need, and today is no different. As I struggled to frame the words of the post I planned to share with you, the following post by my friend Marion Aldridge appeared in my inbox. His message is powerful and perfect for the world we live in. So, I’m going to hold back my planned post until next week. Please read Marion’s post. It’s timely and appropriate and carries a perfect balance of wisdom and humility.

Where the Pavement Ends

The Problems and Challenges of Preaching in a Politicized Environment

Marion D. Aldridge

The Bible, in spite of its age, speaks to issues on today’s front pages: life, health, pain, suffering and death, war and peace, walls (pro and con), creation and environment, money (always an important spiritual issue). Can a preacher speak to these matters without alienating half of his or her congregation?

Yes. With one important exception: If someone (either the preacher or the layperson) is looking for a fight, they will find one. Some people can’t get along with their spouse or their children. They simply don’t know how to live with complexity and differences of opinion.

A pastor can’t make an unhappy person happy.

Otherwise, here are ten suggestions for preaching about hard subjects in politically charged times.

  • Possibly the most patriotic thing any of us can do is to pray for our leaders in government. That’s…

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