How Do We Stop the Violence?


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By now, you have heard of the school shooting in Townville, SC. That is not far from where I live.

I’ve shared with you my morning prayer for loved ones who attend or work in schools. It hasn’t changed. I still pray it every single day.

But we need more to heal our country’s wounds.

Why does this keep happening?

Our country’s steady, fast-moving drift from faith has created an environment for violence. There was a time when children grew up aware of the sanctity of life, taught to respect others whether you liked them or not. Taught that God made man in His own image, and life was precious.

That way of life is gone.

People who claim faith and spew hatred are not Christians. Satan finds them and exploits them. People who have turned from, or never knew, faith provide an ever-widening field of weapons for Satan’s arsenal.

Satan is real and he attacks where he can.

Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.  I Peter 5:8

Have we, as a country, traveled too far from our faith, from our beliefs, that we can’t go back? I don’t know. I don’t have the answer.

How about you? How do we fix this?

Please share your thoughts in the comments. I’m inviting a discussion , one that provides insight and ideas, not accusations and hatred. Even if your idea seems small, it doesn’t matter. One person can make a difference.

How do we stop the violence?


7 thoughts on “How Do We Stop the Violence?

    • Yes, Mary, I agree we need to pray, pray, pray, but what else can we do? What actions can we take to turn this around? I believe God calls on us to respond, to act beyond our prayers. But prayer is definitely a crucial part of the issue.

  1. I’m sorry to hear about the incident in SC. I was thinking the other day about all of these mass shootings, and what could possibly motivate someone to go out and shoot total strangers. I think we need to have more mental health care – easily accessible and affordable to all. We need more education about – can’t think of the word here – values? culture? morals? for example, why does bullying still occur? We should be educating our children about this. I don’t have answers, but this is a start. I was also thinking there should be a national panel formed to study this whole problem.

    • Kristin, that’s a good start. I know one of the issues at play is the argument whether values and morals change after the age of 6. I believe they do, and I’ve taught classes that allow students to explore their values to understand the underlying purpose to their actions. When I conduct training workshops, a lot of what I teach falls under “how to treat others better” topics, but it often falls on deaf ears even with adults. If we started young and kept it growing with the child, we’d have a better chance.

  2. Barbara, as Christians I think we need to step outside the church walls. Jesus lived the example. We look at changing the children. I feel we must reach parents. If you listen to the adults around you as you grocery shop or do other tasks you will realize how stressed the kids must be and how unloved, unnutured they must feel. I don’t often see children comforted. We must reach out to those teens, those in their twenties and older before the little ones can be reached. We, as Christians, must know what we believe and why we believe it. Christians must be confident to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Are we willing to get on our knees for wait for God to lead us in our individual roles to deal with drugs and unemplyment. Are we praying for our cities and towns to prosper? Sorry to be so wordy but these are some issues God is calling me to over the past 6 months. Panels, discussion, nor prayer without individual responsibility and action will not bring change. The story of Nehemiah comes to mind.

    • Judy, I agree we need to act. I fear Christians use prayer as a crutch. I’m not saying we shouldn’t pray. We should. But we can’t pray and sit back for someone else to act. We have to be willing to step in and do the heavy lifting, also.

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