The List: The Cornerstone of My Speaking Ministry


Spreading our wings to fly!

The cornerstone of my blog posts comes from a list I created early in my speaking career.  This list helped me tell about my life in a candid and straightforward manner. My story isn’t fun or pretty, but in the midst of life’s messes, I found faith and salvation. So, I’ve tried to use what God has given me in a way to inspire and motivate others to stretch their potential and reach for the pinnacle of success.

The handout I created and nicknamed “The List” is patterned after a stress assessment I used while teaching stress and anger management workshops to corporate clients. During speaking events, I gave the list to each member of the audience and told them it was a stress assessment. After they finished checking off the items they’d experienced, I’d ask each person to tell me how many they checked. The average answer was 10. There are fifty items on the list.

Then, I would say:

What if I told you every one of these things has happened to me? This is my list.

Responses to this question vary, but it opens the door for me to speak to people about the grace of God and His ever-enduring love. I created this list because I felt prompted by God to share my story, to show people that you can come out on the winning side even with so many trials in your past.

Fast forward to a few years ago, and The List became the launching pad for my blog posts. I have not addressed all of the items on the list at this point, but many of them do appear in some shape or form  under a The Journey tag (see Tags on the right).

I still speak about these topics and many others. I pull from a diverse background in training, development, and communications in order to customize a special experience for your retreat needs. Please check out my One Sheet if you’re interested.

When we reach beyond ourselves, we’re closest to spreading our wings to fly!


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