Using Your Passion to Give Back to God

cropped-barbara-evers-2-finalrt2.jpgOne of the challenges I’ve faced while writing this blog has been demonstrating a balance between explaining the crises in my life and sharing the blessings. No matter what the crisis, I know my life led me to my faith.  I wouldn’t change a thing, but I wouldn’t want to repeat any of it, either.

I’m a better person because of what I went through and have lived a fulfilled life, so far.

I didn’t remarry for twelve years after my divorce although I seriously dated two people.  They didn’t work out, and I’ve realized that’s a good thing.  If someone is not right for you, you don’t want to spend your life with them. God knew what I needed, and I eventually found the right man.

In the meantime, I established many friendships, discovered truths about myself, and found ways to reach out to others who suffered in ways I had.

Believe it or not, I got a job because of my story. Most job interviews don’t include conversations about your experience as a pregnant teen leading to an early marriage, a divorce due to domestic violence, and the struggles of single parenting.  That’s definitely not the information you want to share, unless it applies to the job.  In my case it did.  I got a job directing a welfare-to-work training program thanks to my background. This happened ten years after my divorce. My story got me the job, not my degree and work experience. I’ve often thought about how God’s timing works, and how He takes the messes we make of our lives and uses them to help others.

And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.  Romans 8:28

When welfare law changed, I moved from the non-profit world to corporate training.  Thanks to that one job, I discovered my passion:  helping others achieve success in their lives.

If it hadn’t been for the trials and hardships in my life, I might never have found my career.

Training others increased my opportunities to speak to groups, and over time, I found ways to share my story with church groups.  Except for the urban league position, for many years I didn’t discuss my sordid history with others.  The people I knew then didn’t know about my background, so it frightened me to lay it all out there. The first time I shared my story in a church setting, I felt ill, but I discovered that people appreciated it.  They needed to see me, a professional woman who had gone through the fire and come out stronger. By telling my story, I gave them hope.

Most trainers and speakers write, and writing was my passion from an early age, so it wasn’t a reach for me to start this blog. This blog isn’t the only thing I’ve written, but it has been the hardest. The spoken word can be forgotten. The written word lasts. I know I’m helping thanks to the people who comment either here or to me directly. Someone might discover my posts a year or two from now and find the hope or the courage they need to take that first step toward faith and a better life.

Sharing my story has become one of the most significant acts I can give to my Lord.

Do you have a significant act (or acts) that gives back to God? It doesn’t have to be huge, it just needs to glorify Him and reach out to others while doing so.

I would love for you to share your significant acts in the comments.  If you don’t think you have one, ask someone who knows you well. You might discover you are providing something without even trying. If you still don’t think you are, then it might be time to look at your passions and find a way to use them for His glory.


4 thoughts on “Using Your Passion to Give Back to God

  1. What a great example of breaking protocol in a job interview and resulting in you getting the perfect job for you. God knew you would have empathy for the people you helped, way beyond sympathy. Awesome.

    One of my most enjoyable acts is to give people platforms (setting up moments) to brag on Jesus. Before our weekly Bible study begins, it’s my pleasure to convince a lady to share for only five minutes a story in their lives that Jesus made a difference. Seeing their radiant faces after sharing their story is a delight to behold. Other times, I’ll ask a stranger to tell me about their journey in God’s story. Some are slow to begin, but once they see true interest then they open the flood gates to release their in prisoned stories.

    As you continue to share pinches and praises in your story, Barbara, you’re giving us readers courage to share ours. Write on!

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