The Helping Hands of Sisters in Christ

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This summer, I took a break from telling the story of my journey to faith. School is back in session, so I guess it’s time for me to return to this story.

Yesterday, I called and spoke with a wise, older woman in our church.  She had come to me on her own a week ago and offered help in a current situation.  She reminded me that the Bible teaches us that:

Older women likewise are to be… teaching what is good, so that they may encourage the young women …” Titus 2:3

This lovely sister of mine told me she felt like the church didn’t do enough of this anymore, and she wanted to be there for me in a current situation I’m dealing with.  You have no idea how thankful I was for her offer!

This conversation, and another conversation later in the week, got me to thinking about how older women stepped up and assisted me in the first year of my separation and divorce. There were three women specifically that reached out to me. I didn’t have to reach out to them, just like I didn’t have to find the woman who came to me a week ago.  They sought me, first.

One was a family member that I didn’t know very well until my separation.  She had a lot on her plate, but still, she made herself available to me at all hours.  Another wasn’t a family member by blood, but she had been involved with my family for most of her life, so much that I often forgot she wasn’t really a relative.  Then, the youngest of the three was related to my sister through marriage. I knew her probably the least of the three, but divorced herself, she could relate to my experience more than the other two.

Most importantly, each one of these ladies helped me in specific, yet very different ways.  I didn’t have to go begging for their help.  They came to me. They extended the hand.

Do the women of the church still do this?  If not, I challenge you to find someone younger than you that you can guide. We need to be there for each other.

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2 thoughts on “The Helping Hands of Sisters in Christ

  1. What a great tribute to those who helped you and reminder for us all to extend a helping hand to others. It reminds me of a favorite quote from Madeleine Albright “There is a special place in hell for those women who don’t help other women.”

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