Mercy’s Rain Delivers Redemption

MercysRain bookcoverIf you’ve been following my story over the last few months, you’ve read about my own experiences with date rape, teen pregnancy, teen marriage, domestic violence, and divorce. The story isn’t over, by far, and I plan to return to it soon, but today I want to share with my readers the book, Mercy’s Rain by Cindy Sproles.  It’s available through Amazon this month for .99, and that’s a deal you don’t want to miss.

Why Mercy’s Rain?  This is the review I wrote on Amazon after reading this book a few months ago:

Mercy Roller has a lot to overcome. Her life has been one torturous event after another in the name of God. The giver of such providence? Her father, the Pastor, a man whose demons kept him on the edge of violence. One fateful day, which should have been a thankful day, the tables turn and Mercy finds her father at her mercy. What she does and how she comes to deal with her actions and her past is a moving story that will bare the soul of an abuse victim without making the reader feel overwhelmed by the violence. Cindy Sproles has managed to weave a horrific story into an uplifting one, picking only specific moments of violence to share in a way that sheds light on the characters without bringing the reader to their knees in despair. This is a story of redemption and forgiveness developed so well that you don’t see the author, you experience the characters and their lives.

As someone who knows the struggle of dealing with domestic violence, I thoroughly appreciated Cindy Sproles’ efforts to focus on the characters while giving us a great story to read.  She does justice to the topic of domestic violence without sounding preachy or pumping up the violence to the point of becoming inflammatory.

If you don’t want to read about domestic violence, I would still recommend this book to you.

Have you read Mercy’s Rain? Please leave a comment on this post and tell others what you thought about it…or let us know what great books you have found on this difficult topic.


One thought on “Mercy’s Rain Delivers Redemption

  1. Mercy’s Rain is an emotional, heart-rending read that takes the reader on young Mercy’s journey from despair to hope, devastation to healing. I fell in love with Mercy in the first chapter and couldn’t put it down. A must-read for all who desire real-life characters with real-life stories.

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