When God Says Go: Facing the Truths He Wants Us to Share

Barbara Evers 2 FINALrt2

Photo courtesy of Two Girls Video Production

Several years ago, I attended a Bible class where the leader asked for volunteers to share their faith story.  I felt the pull to volunteer and did so, but I told the leader I didn’t know what to talk about.

“We’ll pray about it,” she told me.  And we did.

God’s answer bothered me.  He said, “Tell them everything.”

I argued with him because this was the first group of ladies I’d known in years who didn’t know about my past struggles.  I didn’t want them to look at me through judgmental eyes.  I wanted to remain the stable, devoted Christian sister they knew.

But God still said, “Tell them everything.”

I wasn’t happy about it, but I did.  And I was blessed by it over and over again as women with their own stories came to me with thanks and tears in their eyes.

Even today, I hesitate to tell my story.  People do get the wrong impression sometimes, and I want to be seen in the light of a woman who “has arrived.”  Not as the broken soul who struggled along leaning on her faith all the way.  But that’s not how God uses us.  It’s ok for me to look like I have my ducks in a row, but I need to be open to the opportunities to share my past with those who now travel difficult paths.

So, even though I hesitate today, I’m going to point you to the speaking ministry page on my website.  If you check out my speaker one sheet, you’ll discover some of the events of my past and see how I use them to glorify God and help others along their own paths.  And, if you have a few moments, check out my sample video, a condensed version of a much longer topic.

If you like what you see, I hope you’ll share it.  I would love to come and share my story with your group.  Even though I hesitate, I recognize that as sin trying to stop me from what God wants me to do.

I choose to listen to God, not sin.

What about you?  What are your “please don’t make me do that” moments?


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