In The Aftermath of The Election, A Christian’s Response

All day, I’ve contemplated how to share my thoughts about Tuesday’s election.  I wanted to give hope to those who felt disappointment over the results.  To remind them that God is in control, and we should always turn to him in prayer.  No matter whether your candidate won or lost, prayer for our elected officials remains a commandment to the faithful.  How do we move forward when our hopes for this country took such a hard hit?  We pray because that is what we know and believe.

I  ran across the following blog while surfing on Facebook tonight and found Steve Elliott’s words enlightening.  So rather than write any more, I’m sharing his link below.  Please check it out and continue to pray for our country and government.

Sage of the Nansemond | Steve Elliott’s Official Blog.


5 thoughts on “In The Aftermath of The Election, A Christian’s Response

  1. There’s a terrible sadness — much like having a close friend pass away. My husband called me in tears yesterday because he was overcome with grief while driving to work. People are stunned right now. But Steve’s blog is a great reminder that, with God, there is always hope and in any version of the future, christians can (must!) have a godly influence. Pray. Bless. Today.

  2. I’m amazed that people think God hates women and other people who don’t think as you do. Not a very Christian attitude. I rejoice in Pres. Obama’s reelection. Prayers have been answered.

  3. Election night was interesting. I don’t think anybody “won”. I’m not sure the American people will win unless our elected officials can learn to work together. Whether you like the President or not, he’s not “The Government”. He’s the leader of the Executive Branch. The key word is “Execute”. He leads the Government in carrying out the laws enacted by the Legislative Branch. Albeit, he does have some latitude and may sway things to the right or left of center depending on the officeholder.

    Congress creates our tax code, our laws, and our budget. Or in the case of these past year few years – they don’t. There exists a great divide. America has seemingly gone to the handful of people on the far ends of the political spectrum. What has happened to the America of my youth, where great things were done — because we worked together — not because we stared each other down by withholding money to pay soldiers and retirees among others.

    Regardless of whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, you probably agree that we need to balance our budget. You probably agree that everyone shares in this. Can’t we start there?

    One comment Steve made:
    As I noted yesterday, the real question at stake here is whether government can require citizens and companies to provide and pay for government mandates that violate our conscience and deeply-held beliefs. This is a fundamental assault on our liberties as guaranteed by our Constitution.
    Funny, to some degree we already pay for things we don’t believe in. It’s called taxes and it’s for the good of the People. Yes, there are hundreds of things we, individually, disagree with, but we must first realize that what we stand for – is the right of each individual to pursue their life, liberty and happiness.

    As Christians, it is our obligation to shout the praises of our way of life. It is not our right or obligation to deny others. As Christians we should love one another. We should offer positive alternatives, counseling, and that famous other cheek — not the sword. No casting of stones and no judging others. I believe He said that was His prerogative. He did ask us to Spread The Word.

    If we want to stop abortion, the fight isn’t in the operating room – it’s long before that point. As Christians we need to be there before an expectant mother makes a drastic choice. We need to change society to help unwed mothers through a difficult nine months, plus recovery time. We need to help with real alternatives to abortion. We need help teens and drug addicts understand – long before conception.

    In short, we need to spread The Message and help our fellow man – not condemn.

  4. Henry, I’m interested that you contacted me separately via email convinced that I would be offended by your response. I’m curious why. Through this post, I sought to provide hope for those who are so disappointed by the outcome of the election. I reminded them that we, as God’s people, are still called to pray for our leaders. In no way did I say that we should force anything on anyone or hate anyone. Specifically, in this post, I said:

    “To remind them that God is in control, and we should always turn to him in prayer. No matter whether your candidate won or lost, prayer for our elected officials remains a commandment to the faithful. How do we move forward when our hopes for this country took such a hard hit? We pray because that is what we know and believe.”

    I don’t differ from you in most of what you say. I only sought with this post to bring people together not separate them. The fact that you read my post and assumed I wanted to wipe out the opposite side or hated them shows how far our media has affected our perceptions. We can’t even recognize the olive branch when it’s extended. That’s what I was trying to tell people to do. I was concerned by the doom and gloom responses of so many following this election. And wanted to remind them of their faith and its commands.

    Am I worried about where we are going? Sure, but I have to trust in God and pray for this country and our elected officials. That’s what I’m called to do.

    And, I posted the link to Steve Elliott’s blog post because it’s a post of hope and reminds people of a Biblical story where things didn’t go the way many believers hoped. It’s a reminder that God, in his infinite wisdom, is still in control.

  5. Nancy, my first reaction to your response was to wonder if you read my post. I only sought to remind people that whether their candidate won or lost, we are still called to pray for our elected officials. I sought to give hope and remind us to work together. I’m not sure how that translates as hate? I know many people who share my political beliefs, and they don’t hate women or other people. I’ll repeat back what you said to me, to hate someone because they don’t believe as you is not a very Christian attitude. Yet, your response made me feel hatred from you because I don’t share your political beliefs. I know you and, therefore, assume you didn’t mean it that way, but that’s how it felt.

    Please re-read my post with an open heart. Maybe you’ll see the olive branch I tried to extend.

    One last point, God answered your prayers, but not only yours. God answers everyone’s prayers. Sometimes he says yes, sometimes, he says no, and sometimes he says not now. Did he tell me, and those who believe as I do, no? We don’t know. It’s very possible he said, not now. That’s the point behind the blog post I linked to. Why did I link to that post? To remind people that God is in control, not us. Plus, it reminds people to move forward and unite and flourish with those that don’t necessarily live or believe the same things. You might want to re-read that post, too. Look for the message of working together. That’s one of the significant points I wanted people to understand.

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