Keeping It Friendly On Social Media

With the US election looming over us, we suffer through a bombardment of annoying political ads on TV and radio. I can avoid these easily:  DVR what I want to see and fast forward through the commercials or change the station on the radio.  What’s a little harder to avoid is the onslaught of personal comments on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Why do my “friends” think I need to read every little bit of political propaganda that they find?  Some people choose to only post political comments during this time, and not just one a day. The frequency and quantity that some of them post begs the questions:  “Do they have a life?  Are they doing anything else?”

I don’t know why they think I want to log on to Facebook and read their political rants.  Granted, I can scroll right on past those messages, but it’s  frustrating when I have to scroll forever to find something friendly and non-political.

These people seem to have forgotten that Facebook and Twitter are forms of social media.  Social, not political.  Usually, when I hear the word social, I think of friendly gatherings, not attacks on people’s belief systems.  Unfortunately, those who seem bent on non-stop political posts often make derogatory comments about the people who disagree with them. In many cases, these are the very friends whose baby pictures and cute stories they “like.”  Do they not realize how their negative comments alienate their friends?  In some cases, I’ve unfriended “friends” who forced their opinions on me non-stop.

We are a country of free speech.  You have the right to believe what you want to believe, but what happened to good manners?

So, I have one simple request:  Please keep your political rants out of social media.

I don’t want to log on and read that I’m stupid or missing the point or uncaring just because of my beliefs.  Let’s not let an election divide us because we’ve forgotten good manners.


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